Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So June was filled with fun. We did lots and enjoyed it all. I went with Robbie's Aunt and Cousin to the Backstreet Boys Concert and it was a blast! We sang and danced and I felt like I was 18 again being at there concert. Crazy but they still have a big following and of young girls still too.

Every year we go to Lagoon. It's not cool like Disneyland or anything but it's all Utah has. Chan was so daring this year. He went on lots of rollercoasters. Tons of fun and Rob and I were so proud.

Getting pumped to ride the White Coaster, looks scary but it's fun!
We also took Chan to a Bee's game. It was freezing but we still had fun.
Chan is our little ball player, he loves going to games and sitting on the grass hoping to catch a homerun ball.
See he is ready and waiting.
Rob and I are sad now cause for the last two weeks Chan has been in California with my sister and her kids. He is having lots of fun at the beach everyday and learning lots. We feel as if part of us is missing with him gone but he is experiencing so much and we are happy for that. So I won't have anything to post for July but oh well I guess. Chan we miss you and love you lots.