Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun on the 24th

So we started our day off with a kids parade that chandler was in. Here is Chan on his float waving his flag.

Chandler and his friend Daylen sitting on the float before the parade.
Vander came to watch Chan too, but had his sites on a new friend across the street. All he ever wants to do is play with other dogs and run.

Next on the agenda........

Reed Kat and Brynley came up to go to the derby with us. We had so much fun and I even got a kiss from my bryners.

The first round was the best, a car got hit so hard it flipped over on to its side. It was crazy.

This is the hit before the car gets tossed on its side. The car that gets flipped is on top of a car in this photo.

Robbie and Reed chilling before the derby started. Robbies brother is trying to do bunny ears but no luck.

Kat and I waiting for the fun to start too.

We love our tradition we have started with Reed and Kat. We go every year and have a blast everytime. Thanks for coming guys and we'll see you again in another 363 days for the next derby!